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Consumer Litigation

There are many ways in which consumers are abused.

Sometimes promises or representations which are made about products sold to people are false or misleading.  When people rely on these representations which turn out not to be true and have losses or damages, they have a cause of action under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Many times insurance companies either delay payments on claims from their policy holders or they deny legitimate claims outright.  The abusive acts of insurance carriers can be as simple as not paying the full value of a stolen or damaged vehicle covered by an automobile insurance policy to as complicated as denying a claim for a home or building which has burned or been burglarized, by claiming the property owner was responsible, when there is no evidence of a property owner’s involvement.  Sometimes there have even been misrepresentations in expert reports the insurance companies rely on.

Credit card companies many times fail or refuse to work with honest people to reduce their interest rates and monthly payments when people lose their jobs or have unexpected medical emergencies.  Many honest and hardworking people are sued every day over debts they are willing to pay if the companies will just work with them.

Debt-purchasing companies can be the most abusive.  These companies buy credit card and other debts in default for just a few cents on the dollar.  Anything they collect over the low purchase price becomes almost pure profit.

If they cannot collect without a lawsuit, the business model of many credit card companies and debt-purchasing companies is to try to obtain a default or very easy judgment, then collect on that judgment.

Many times, debt-purchasing companies violate the federal  Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (the “FDCPA”).  This Act allows consumers to recover statutory damages and attorney fees under certain circumstances for violations of the FDCPA. 

Neal Cannon and Neal Cannon & Associates, P.C., have years of experience in helping consumers in all types of situations when they have been damaged.

Call Neal Cannon & Associates, P.C., for an appointment to see if Neal Cannon can help you.

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