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Neal Cannon & Associates, P.C.
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Personal Injury and Automobile Accidents

For over 40 years, Neal Cannon has successfully represented injured people and families in cases of serious injury - from death and brain injury cases to back injuries requiring extensive surgery and rehabilitation.

We all know that injuries can occur any time, any place.   However, most injuries occur on a work or construction site or in automobile wrecks.

Accidents seldom happen without someone and/or some company being negligent.  Companies may not adequately train their employees, or construction sites may not have proper safeguards.  Many injuries occur on worksites because workers are not required to wear safety equipment or because dangerous areas are not properly barricaded.

Automobile wrecks seldom occur unless someone is negligent.  Negligence can be as blatant as someone driving at a high rate of speed and weaving in and out of traffic, or as seemingly harmless as a momentary glance away from the road.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured at work or due to the negligence of another driver, call Neal Cannon & Associates, P.C., to see if Neal Cannon can help you.


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